Source: High Times

O.pen Vape, a Denver-based vaporizer company, recently posted a job listing on their Facebook page announcing their vigorous search for a “Cannabis Quality Control Specialist,” or in laymen’s terms, some lucky stoner to sit in a back room all day and chief out on free weed.

According to the job listing, the company is essentially scouring the ranks of high society for a professional pothead capable of sampling and evaluating the company’s cannabis products and then report to management with the documented details of their discoveries.

However, while the application process is open to any cannabis connoisseur with access to a camera and an Internet connection, Open Vape Vice President Todd Mitchem says that unfortunately, the job entails more than just a person’s uncanny ability to smoke themselves into a catatonic stupor.

“For a cannabis user, it’s a dream job, but we really do need someone who deeply understands what it’s like to use our product and can articulate that in a thoughtful and serious way,” he said.

Mitchem continues by explaining that the ideal cannabis candidate will be someone well versed in the many facets of marijuana, including extensive knowledge of various strains, concentrates, edibles and topicals.

“To apply for this position, please do the following:

For an extra bonus – Create a 1-3 minute video demonstrating why your are the perfect person for this very special job. OR send us a picture shows why.

(Make sure to tell or show us that you are O.pen! Demonstrate why we should hire you and at the end say your name and “I am O.pen!” (It helps us also if you share this video with your friends. We like our employees to be connected)

Send your resume and letter WITH link to your uploaded video or photo to:”

So far, O.pen Vape reports receiving over 1,100 submissions, ranging from former military officers to “soccer moms,” demonstrating “varying degrees of absurdity and seriousness,” said Mitchem.

The top 20 applicants will be flown to Denver for a series of interviews, which will likely involve smoking a lot of weed and reporting on the experience… especially during the final phase of the interview process.

Mitchem adds that applicants need not worry about submitting to a drug test.

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